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Tips on Saving Money on Utilities in the Office

Owners of small businesses always make efforts to reduce operating costs. In particular utility bills are very costly. Utility bills are a must in any business hence you cannot do away with them. However, there are measures that can be put in place to reduce them considerably. These measures would help cut down on utility bills such as water, electricity and gas bills. This can be achieved by using the following ten measures.

The first thing is to invest in LED lighting in your office. They are very durable and need very little electricity to function. By using LED lights you will therefore not change them frequently as well as reducing electricity costs. The second measure is the installation of programmable thermostats. Management of temperatures by these thermostats reduces bills. The use of dummy thermostats has been witnessed in some offices.

The third measure is checking of air leaks in the office. Air leaks can cause inflation of electricity costs. The checking can be done by technicians or you can initiate it yourself. If you do it yourself, check door frames and windows among other places. Fourth on the list for reduction of your office bills on utilities is the usage of toilets and sinks that are water efficient. About 20% of water bills are reduced by using such efficient toilets and sinks.

The fifth measure is the good practice of switching off any apparatus that is not being used at the time. Much as this sounds negligible, you will reduce your electricity bills tremendously. In the same extent the sixth measure entails using laptops instead of desktop computers to reduce cost of electricity. Laptops are known to use less electric power than desktop computers hence the wisdom in the switch. This relates closely to the seventh way of reducing bills. This measure involves disposing off CRT monitors and replacing them with LED or LCD ones to save on electricity costs.

Use energy star rated copy machines in the office as the eight measure of reducing cost on utilities in your office. This definitely will cut your cost of electricity in the office. Ninth is the adoption and usage of timer switches in the office. Timer switches in areas such as bathrooms ensure that no one leaves electricity on when not in use. Last on the list is to ensure that you get expert opinion from technicians on other methods of reducing cost of utilities in the office. You can get such information also from websites of companies or individuals that offer such help. The internet is home to lots of information hence just check it out. The internet has made it easy to get relevant information. Prompts on websites can also guide you on the information you seek. Actually try getting the information now!

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